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C.R.I.M.S.O.N. is an intriguing and entertaining homeschool action thriller written for Christian young adult and older adult audiences.

C.R.I.M.S.O.N. is the story of a young man, Josh Reinhart and the plan God has for his life. That plan, initiated by a secret vision that he and only a few others have experienced, is of all-consuming importance. Josh is given a mission, to turn our nation back from the brink of destruction. But to do so, he must keep vital secrets from the very people who can help him fight a powerful and deadly organization that is bent on his failure and the annihilation of our nation as we know it.

As you read C.R.I.M.S.O.N. you encounter the world through Josh's senses, you hear his thoughts, experience his battles, triumphs and failures first hand. Though excited to be chosen for such an important task he struggles with maintaining a normal homeschool high school life while working on his secret mission. His friend, a brilliant young woman, tries to help him but also feels compelled to find out about his secrets.

As Josh matures his difficulties mount - college, a career, relationships, all put him at odds with his determined efforts to fulfill God's plan and mission. Josh's mettle is tested more than once in a deadly struggle with a dark and sinister group who have sworn to put an end to all his efforts. Through it all Josh maintains his faith that God will use him to overcome all the obstacles.


"I thought the characters were so real and so easy to relate to. Josh, Rebekah... I feel like I know them all. I think the books had a great message that people working together and with God can make a change for the better, even if those people are a homeschooled debate club. The books are very well written and very interesting. It's easy to get wrapped up in the story and in the suspense at times. I can't wait to read what you have planned next!"

- Chandler L., Homeschool Sophomore and speech and debate club competitor.

"R. H. Krebs' portrayals of homeschooling, intense homeschool mothers and homeschool support groups, the complex relationships between homeschool fathers and kids, were rich snapshots of the unknown and often misunderstood world of homeschooling. C.R.I.M.S.O.N. encourages homeschool students to pursue futures in the legal and governmental spheres. The writing is sharp, the story is tight, and the whole book is saturated with dry intelligent wit. I loved it!"

- Jess G., Homeschool student and Westmont University journalism graduate.

"I loved the suspense and action of this book. As the climax rose, the mystery of the conflict and the apprehension of the main character created a tension that was addictive; a suspense that did not allow me to lay the book down. The history and relationships between the characters intertwined in such a way as to create a complicated, round conflict. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel."

- Jules G., Homeschool freshman.


A few years ago I was asked to be a judge at a speech and debate tournament that my daughter had entered. The tournament was sponsored by a Christian Homeschool speech and debate league.

After I judged a few rounds of Lincoln-Douglas debate and listened to some of the speeches, I was completely awestruck! I realized that the next generation is not all playing video games and watching TV reruns on youtube. There were some who were striving, studying constitutional law, understanding the concepts of John Locke, quoting Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Not only did they understand these things, but they were amazing speakers, fluent, articulate and persuasive, and to top it off, they were having a great time doing it. On that day, I determined to help support these young people, leaders of tomorrow, and the clubs and leagues that provide the structure so they can thrive.

One word of caution for parents: With these skills, your children will be more difficult to argue with.

C.R.I.M.S.O.N. was written for young adults to realize they have the potential with God's help to change things for the better. I hope to encourage them to understand the foundations of our great nation and to inspire them to stand for these ideals in the face of continuous assaults from many who no longer believe in Truth.

C.R.I.M.S.O.N. was also written to provide a more realistic representation of the Christian Homeschool culture. Dispelling so many inaccuracies about the families that Homeschool and the way in which we live and support one another. There are many dedicated Homeschool moms and dads that have determined to sacrifice their time, luxuries, and in some cases, careers to provide their sons and daughters with the best education that focuses on essential knowledge and supports and integrates that knowledge with the values they hold dear.

Finally, C.R.I.M.S.O.N. was written as an entertaining, exciting and thought-provoking story that young as well as older adults will enjoy. The novel is written in two books, "On a Mission from God" introduces you to many of the main high school characters in the story and lays the foundation for other books to follow. The second book, "So Help Me God," continues the story and God's plan as the characters make their way through college and begin their careers.

I sincerely hope you find C.R.I.M.S.O.N. a story that inspires, enlightens and entertains.

- R. H. Krebs


The Main Characters in Book One:

The Families in CHESS (ages represented as the book begins)

The "Vision" Families
Mr. David & Mrs. Emily Reinhart, Sarah(12) and Joshua(16)

Dr. Daniel & Dr. Rachel Simmons, Dean(5), Catherine(7), Andrew(9), Laura(10), Twins: Ashley(13) and Zachary(13), Dan Jr.(16), Elizabeth(17)

Pastor John & Mrs. Barbara Miller, Rebekah(13), Robert(17)

Mr. Harold Stanton & Mrs. Jackie Stanton, Jenna(14), Ben(16)

Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Lisa Chung, Steve(16), Leah(18)

Mr. Doug & Mrs. Cathy McClaren, Bethany(7), Kristen(11), Mark(13), Alison(15)

Other CHESS families
Mr. Jack & Mrs.Yvette Petersen, Jeff(16), Lisa(20), John(23) a point man.

Mr. Rob & Mrs. Tracy Nichols, Jonathan(9), Jennifer(18)

Point men and women who were in CHESS
Aaron Morris(21), Jillian Holladay(22), John Petersen(23)

Other debate families
Mr. Ruben & Mrs. Angela Perez, Christopher(8), Jason(10), Marc(12), Cassandra(18)




Christian Reasoning Influencing Mankind, Serving Our Nation
Christian Homeschool Educators of Santa Sonoma
Christian Homeschool Aid Foundation
His Grace Christian Fellowship
Thursday Prayer Meeting

about the author

R. H. Krebs (Bob to his friends) lives with his wife Renée and daughters Rachelle and Kimberly in Southern California. He and his wife have homeschooled their daughters from preschool through high school. Homeschooling has been a very rewarding and challenging experience involving prayerful consideration in the day-to-day efforts of both the parents and children. The Krebs family got involved in Christian homeschool speech and debate activities and became inspired by what they heard and saw. As committed Christians, they are concerned about maintaining the religious freedoms inherent in the founding of the United States and feel the best way to do this is through educating the children so that they understand the principles used to establish this great nation. Mr. Krebs feels strongly that the life skills learned through speech and debate are essential in everyday life and business activities. When he is not judging speech and debate, Bob enjoys writing, reading historical novels, listening to music and spending time with his family and friends. He holds a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from U.C. Irvine and currently works as a microchip architect for a computer electronics firm.

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