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C.R.I.M.S.O.N. was always meant to be a series of novels, the story unfolding in a lifetime.

In C.R.I.M.S.O.N. the Vision is the catalyst, creating an undeniable mission within those who have experienced it. That mission, the CRIMSON plan, the means to empower and awaken the Vision Warriors must be kept secret at all cost.

In The Vision Warriors, we now see the enormity of God's Vision. Josh Reinhart must find a way to protect all the members of the CRIMSON plan while they endeavor to establish themselves in positions of influence and power. Many forces within and without the government will resist their efforts and resort to deadly action to keep them from their goals. The Vision Warriors is an inside look at the struggle to hold the CRIMSON plan together and how the Vision Warriors are protected. All the main characters are back and a few new personalities have been added to provide more complexity to the personal relationships established in C.R.I.M.S.O.N. If you enjoyed C.R.I.M.S.O.N. you will love the action, suspense and drama of The Vision Warriors.

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